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"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog."
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Forever Fostering vs. Adoption
Sugar Faces Senior Dog Rescue believes that ALL old dogs deserve a chance at life and an opportunity to be loved and cared for. This is why we frequently take seniors into our rescue that other rescues are not able to. We have a special place in our hearts for those old dogs that are overlooked or face euthanasia because of their age, especially those with an illness or health problem. Sometimes our old dogs can be treated with surgery, medication or accommodations. Sometimes their conditions are not treatable and we work to help them live their final days as comfortably as possible.

Our community is blessed with caring dog-lovers who have the desire to open their homes to an abandoned senior but often are unable to adopt due to the health care costs that come with senior dogs. Following models by well-established, highly-successful senior dog rescues across the US, Sugar Faces Senior Dog Rescue offers a forever foster program to fill the gap between a loving home and a senior in need by providing assistance to families who would otherwise be unable to adopt due to the limited financial resources. We feel it is unfortunate when a dog misses out on a great home and a great life simply because of a family’s inability to provide veterinary care. As our budget allows, we offer assistance to our approved forever foster families with veterinary care and medications for the life of the dog.

The expenses incurred while caring for dogs with lifetime or fatal illnesses can be very high. Often the initial care required to get our rescued seniors vaccinated, tested, treated and on track to a healthier life is greater than the total of the care they’ll receive for the rest of their life. We rely solely on donations to care for these animals while in our forever foster homes, and we work to be good stewards of the gifts we receive by working with providers for discounted care rates and medications. Due to our commitments to provide assistance with costs of care for life to our forever fosters and to maintain a debt-free organization, we are limited in the number of dogs we are able to rescue. However, those that we DO rescue will truly live their best possible retirement life!

Sugar Faces Senior Dog Rescue also offers a traditional adoption program for those wanting a senior pet who can also afford the costs to care for the pet. Adoption affords us the opportunity to save more seniors as it loosens our budget to be able to serve additional seniors who can be saved only through willing forever foster families. We currently have seniors in our program who are adopted as well as dogs who are being fostered forever.

Sugar Faces Senior Dog Rescue is proud to offer alternatives to all families who are gracious enough to open their hearts and homes to old dogs. Whether through adoption or through our forever foster program, we will bring together loving families and generous donors to make a difference in the lives of senior dogs.

To learn more about becoming a forever foster or an adopter, email us at